ISAP #26 My Biggest Weakness + Everything You Need to Know About Study Abroad in the Pacific

Study Abroad in Australia

In today’s episode I’m sharing my biggest personal and professional weakness and what I’m doing to mitigate it and lean into my strengths. I’m also sharing a couple of announcements including the return of the Global Pro Institute - however there’s a pretty big reveal about GPI too, so make sure you listen in. And for those of you who have asked about a life update, I’m giving you all the goods from the past few months since you heard from me last.

But the real star of today’s show is the Pacific Region. I’m talking with the resident Oceania gurus of International Studies Abroad all about programs in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

In this episode we discuss:

  • My biggest weakness - this one is a little embarrassing

  • The return of the Global Pro Institute

  • How these two professionals launched their careers in international education - with two very different paths

  • Why Pacific programs are on the rise and what makes them unique

  • What every advisor needs to know about programs in the Pacific region PLUS Deborah and Rebecca share their favorite ISA programs to date

  • And at the end of the episode I share some life updates, turning down epic opportunities, and what’s to come.

Mentioned in the Show:


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