ISAP #15 - Capitalizing on Your Strengths, Social Entrepreneurship, and Creating A Diversity Culture with Andrew Gordon

This week I’m talking with Andrew Gordon, founder and director of Diversity Abroad. DA is a resource for students connecting them with programs around the globe as well as a consortium of universities and providers helping professionals deploy diversity inclusion initiatives in the fabric of their offices and organizations. Andrew is an amazing friend, someone I go to for entrepreneurial, professionals, and even relationship advice. ;) If you don’t know if already, I’m so happy to introduce you.



As you may know, Terra Dotta is a leading software company serving the international education field providing flexible, web-based enrollment, processing, and application management software solution that streamline everything for both students and administrators. Sounds like magic right? Head over to TerraDotta.com to learn how you can join over 500 universities using their solutions for your office. 



  • How Andrew went from consulting at Deloitte to attending his first NAFSA conference

  • Why and how Andrew created Diversity Abroad and the Diversity Abroad Network

  • How they define Global Learning at Diversity Abroad

  • The big mistakes professional make when working with or recruiting diverse students for global learning

  • Andrew shares his quick wins and big wins for supporting diversity initiatives in your office, organization, and life

  • How to advise diverse populations when you don’t identify with those populations (these answers will surprise you)

  • Andrew’s advice for everyone trying to break into the field




ISAP #9: Revolutionizing Study Abroad Housing, Blackberries, and Millennials Rising with Brett Newman of Study Abroad Apartments

This week I'm sharing an interview with Brett Newman, Co-founder and COO of Study Abroad Apartments. I'm a big fan of Brett's and his Co-founder Ryan. After getting to know them over the past year and learning more about their company, their vision, and just getting to talk all thing study abroad and entrepreneurship I know I had to have them on the show. Brett and Ryan are revolutionizing how students find housing while abroad and creating transparency in an element of the experience that has traditionally been shrouded in mystery. 





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  • The scam that inspired Brett and Ryan to create Study Abroad Apartments

  • What motivated Brett to study abroad in the first place

  • How Study Abroad Apartments knows what “good” housing is

  • How the housing experience impacts the overall study abroad experience

  • Why students are going to Study Abroad Apartments for advice on where/when/and with whom to study abroad

  • What has surprised the SAA team about the professional world of international education

  • Are millennials really what we think they are?

  • My “Aleppo moment” when Brett talks about the next big thing in study abroad

  • What’s it like to start a company in IE