ISAP #4: Juicy Gossip, Learning Chinese, and The Role of Technology in Programs Abroad with Mark Lenhart of CET

This week I’m sharing an interview with Mark Lenhart, Executive Director of CET Academic Programs based out of Washington, DC. Mark is probably one of the most friendly, thoughtful, and down to Earth people in the field. We dove into quite a few topics, but I think you’ll find his personal and professional story fascinating.



  • How Mark became a CET lifer
  • How Mark learned Chinese so quickly
  • Why CET students are so special, intelligent, and articulate
  • Mark’s thoughts on the role of technology in international programs
  • The area of training that Mark thinks is missing in IE
  • Why Mark encourages his staff to share “juicy gossip”
  • Two qualities Mark looks for in new employees

Mark studying abroad in China in 1987

Mark studying abroad in China in 1987