ISAP #7: Meaningful City Hopping in Study Abroad, Advising Mistakes, and Travel Celebrities with Andy Steves

I'm back from Tanzania and an epic summit to the Roof of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro). In classic study abroad fashion, I'm still processing the experience (which was the hardest thing I've ever done). Can't wait to share more about it soon! 

I'm so excited to bring you this week's episode of the podcast with my friend Andy Steves! Andy is the founder of Weekend Student Adventures, author of Andy Steves' Europe: City Hopping on a Budget, and an innovative voice in the world of international education. 





  • How Andy got his start in travel before even being born
  • What it’s like growing up in a travel-centric family
  • The most impactful travel moments in Andy’s life
  • The role Andy took on during his study abroad program 
  • Why he created a company in the student travel industry
  • How WSA integrates fun with meaningful travel experiences
  • How the IE professionals have responded to Andy and the WSA mission
  • The impact the “Steves” brand has had on Andy’s career
  • How Andy wrote his first book
  • The value of city hopping during study abroad
  • The mistakes professionals are making when advising study abroad students
  • The characteristics Andy looks for in new team members
NAFSA HOUSTON 2012 - Brooke, Rick, and Andy

NAFSA HOUSTON 2012 - Brooke, Rick, and Andy


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