Superpowers and Dream Jobs: An Interview with Allison Hradecky


Welcome back for another installment of Inside Study Abroad's Feature Friday: Intern Edition! This week, take some time to get to know Allison Hradecky, our content management intern. Allison calls Houston home and might have one of the best superpowers for any avid traveler.

If you're going on a 2 week international trip, what are 3 things you'll take with you? And, why?

Other than the 500 copies of my passport and a first aid kit that could rival a hospital, you won’t find me traveling anywhere without my GoPro. I love the GoPro because it captures both beautiful photographs and HD video. There isn’t a viewfinder, so I am not worried about being stuck behind a lense and actually missing out on seeing something with my own eyes. (Also, very important, if you don’t want to tote a laptop around with you, I suggest you bring an arsenal of extra batteries and memory cards.) You also won’t find me traveling without my Kindle because after a long day, whether I am at home in Houston, or traveling in another city, I love to chill out, and relax at a local coffee shop or park and read a good novel. Also, I don’t go many places without a bathing suite. In fact, I keep one in my car at all times. You don’t want be stuck without a bathing suite when your group spontaneously decides to head to a local hot spring!

What's your superpower?

My superpower is having the ability to sleep comfortably on an airplane (even in coach!), and I am thankful for it every time I fly.  My secret? Extreme flexibility and the power to curl up in to a ball.

Which one would you choose: interview with your dream job, or free trip to dream country/city?

If I had the choice to interview with my dream job or take a free trip to my dream country or city, I would take the interview. Why you ask? If I landed my dream job, that job would entail me traveling all over the world (for business related activities of course), all expenses paid. I’ll have my cake and eat it too.

What excites you most about a career in international education?

I think the thing that excited me most about a career in international education is the opportunity to surround myself with like minded individuals, being able to share global experiences with people from all walks of life, and inspiring others to travel, not just learn something new about the world, but about to learn more about themselves. This industry opened my eyes to an infinite amount of possibilities, and I can do that for just one student, it would be worth it.

Describe a time when things didn't go as you wanted. What happened and what did you do?

Not everything goes as smoothly as you hope. I try to look back at these situations, learn from them and hopefully laugh! One time while I was studying abroad in Spain, my friend and I had just arrived to the Malaga airport and were looking for the train to take us to Granada. I was not fluent in Spanish, but my friend was and so we were confident that the 60 minutes between landing and our train leaving would be enough time. Well, it wasn’t. We missed our train (actually, we never found the train), and even though she spoke Spanish, we were having major language barriers. Wanting to give up, cry, and call it a day, we began walking around looking for another solution. And find one we did! For the low low price of $5, we each bought a one way bus ticket to our final destination. About 3 hours later, we had just driven through some of the most beautiful country sides we had ever seen. Totally worth it.

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