TNDS 006: Building Your Study Abroad Street Cred

Hello again and welcome to the 6th installment of The New Dorothy Show! This week from the mind of Brooke, I am offering up some advice for new professionals (and maybe some seasoned ones as well!) in the international education world: you can't ride the coattails of your passion forever. You have to build some study abroad street cred.


1:05 - When I think about leaving my mark on the study abroad world, it really boils down to this one thing.

2:20 - Passion isn't the end-all be-all of study abroad. Tune in for three pieces of advice to help you up your game in the international education world.

3:30 - Tips on how to up your academic street cred in international education.

6:33 - Learning how to transition from participant to professional can be tough at first, but here are some great ideas how to do it gracefully.

8:40 - Great references are important, but so are these things when it comes to building your social proof street cred.

12:30 - 18 Creative Ways to Gain Practical Experience in International Education

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