Interview: Jeff Jung, Founder at & Travel Host Extraordinaire

So I'm changing it up a little with my next Inside Study Abroad interview. I ventured out of the international education stratosphere to interview a professional travel blogger and entrepreneur. Jeff Jung, founder of the blog Career Break Secrets, was kind enough to chat with me last summer from his home (for now) in Colombia.

Jeff had an inspiring year-long study abroad experience in South Africa at the end of high school - as we all hope will happen, that year in SA transformed his world view and academic focus. After returning to the US and starting college in Texas, Jeff knew he was ready for and needing a bigger challenge. He parlayed his international experience and good grades into acceptance at Georgetown University in D.C. And let's face it, it's not hard to believe Jeff when he credits his year living and studying in South Africa as one of the key reasons he was accepted to an A-list school. Go Hoyas!

But like most college grads, Jeff got his first job in corporate America rising through the consultant and marketing ranks which left him little time to explore his interests and try new things (like skiing or learning Spanish). His lack of work:life balance inspired him to leave behind everything (okay…that's a little dramatic, but pretty accurate) and take a year-long career break traveling the world - something he rarely had a chance to do in his executive career.

Now, Jeff is a full-time travel blogger where he advises and inspires others to take the leap into international travel and the world of career breaking.

In this interview, Jeff gives advice to other professionals considering taking a career break. We also talk about students today and how they can pursue a career and life they are passionate about and love.

Of course, with all his world travels and adventures, I had to ask Jeff "If you could study abroad again, where would you go and why?" His top choice? Turkey! His three weeks there previously just wasn't enough and Turkey's unique place at the intersection of East and West make it a fascinating place to learn about the collision of cultures, politics, environments, and people. [Check out a ton of awesome study abroad options in Turkey!]

Thank you Jeff for taking the time to chat. And let's face it. It wouldn't be my blog if I'd posted this interview less than a year late. Sorry and thanks for your patience!

Get inspired and check-out Jeff's website: Career Break Secrets and follow him on Twitter at @careerbrksecrt!

So have you ever considered taking a career break to travel the world? What's your biggest roadblock? What do you say to students who want to take time off after college to travel? What advice do you give them? In my opinion, travel is always a good idea. :)


Psst...I'm venturing out to Keystone, Colorado, for TBEXcon (Travel Blogger's Exchange Conference) at the end of the week! Hoping to meet a lot more world travel evangelists just like Jeff!