ISAP #17 - How to Close the Gap Between Interest and Participation in Study Abroad with Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin - Inside Study Abroad

In today's episode, I’m talking with Samantha Martin, co-founder and CEO of Via TRM, a software solution that helps offices and organizations nurture students from point of interest to re-entry. This episode is a little different. Beyond talking about Sam's personal story, we get down and dirty with detailed strategies on how any office (with any budget) can close the gap between students who are interested in studying abroad and those who actually do it.

In the student advising cycle, we're often focused on the students who are ready to apply. But what about the students who are curious, not sure if it's for them, who are basically just window shopping at the early stages of the process? What about those students? 

Sam shares the system they've developed at Via and how any office can deploy these strategies regardless of their budget or staff. 



  • All about Sam's International Education story and how she went from study abroad participant to tech company founder all before the age of 30
  • What exactly is a Traveler Relationship Management tool
  • The massive gap between the number of students who plan to study abroad and those who actually do.
  • The critical strategies every organization should be deploying to close the gap between interest and participation
Carpe Diem Education - Inside Study Abroad

Today's episode is sponsored by Carpe Diem Education. Carpe Diem is a program provider specializing in small group experiential education semesters abroad. Their programs focus on community, cultural immersion, service learning, and adventure. Through a partnership with Portland State University, participants can receive college credit and financial aid. They offer two options for going abroad: a 3-month Group Semester or a Latitudes Year (3-month group semester plus an independent focused volunteer placement). Currently, Carpe Diem offers semesters in East Africa, India, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Cuba, and here in the States their Indigenous America Program! You can learn more about Carpe Diem at  and let them know that Inside Study Abroad sent ya!



ISAP #16 - This May Be THE Dream Job in International Education with Amy Rutherford


Today, I’m bring you a conversation with Amy Rutherford, Director of Education, North America for Education New Zealand. Amy has worked in many areas of the field from sending and receiving students at a university in New Zealand, serving as on-site director for an international program provider, and now working in a government agency in support of international education. She has a fascinating job now and, most importantly, she shares why we all need to put New Zealand at the top of our study abroad/travel bucket lists (as if we needed convincing).




Today’s episode is sponsored by Education New Zealand. New Zealand is one of those elusive destinations for me, but it’s at the top of my bucket list for sure. it’s lovingly referred the government agency responsible for promoting international education. Here’s a fun fact: New Zealand is the only country with all of its universities counted among the top 500 in the world in the QS World Rankings. And it welcomes around 125,000 international students every single year. You can learn more about this small (but mighty destination) and their high quality study opportunities at


  • How Amy’s international education story began even before she was born
  • How she found herself work in international education
  • What are some of the biggest challenges she’s had to overcome as an IE professional
  • What it was like to be the site director for a program during a massive emergency situation
  • What Amy thinks are some of the biggest opportunities in IE right now
  • What is Education New Zealand and how they’ve revolutionized how governmental organizations approach international student recruitment and marketing
  • How study abroad offices can utilize ENZ tactics in their offices
  • Why New Zealand is the best study abroad option out there! ;)


ISAP #15 - Capitalizing on Your Strengths, Social Entrepreneurship, and Creating A Diversity Culture with Andrew Gordon

This week I’m talking with Andrew Gordon, founder and director of Diversity Abroad. DA is a resource for students connecting them with programs around the globe as well as a consortium of universities and providers helping professionals deploy diversity inclusion initiatives in the fabric of their offices and organizations. Andrew is an amazing friend, someone I go to for entrepreneurial, professionals, and even relationship advice. ;) If you don’t know if already, I’m so happy to introduce you.



As you may know, Terra Dotta is a leading software company serving the international education field providing flexible, web-based enrollment, processing, and application management software solution that streamline everything for both students and administrators. Sounds like magic right? Head over to to learn how you can join over 500 universities using their solutions for your office. 



  • How Andrew went from consulting at Deloitte to attending his first NAFSA conference

  • Why and how Andrew created Diversity Abroad and the Diversity Abroad Network

  • How they define Global Learning at Diversity Abroad

  • The big mistakes professional make when working with or recruiting diverse students for global learning

  • Andrew shares his quick wins and big wins for supporting diversity initiatives in your office, organization, and life

  • How to advise diverse populations when you don’t identify with those populations (these answers will surprise you)

  • Andrew’s advice for everyone trying to break into the field