ISAP #25 How I Got My Study Abroad Groove Back - Welcome to Season 3!


Welcome back to the Inside Study Abroad podcast!

It feels good to be back speaking straight into your world travel-loving ears. Today we’re talking about how two years ago I fell out of love with study abroad and international education. Yep. That’s right. This study abroad super advocate totally lost her gusto for education abroad and I’m sharing a little bit about why. But more importantly, I’m sharing how my past year of global digital nomad living helped me get my study abroad groove back. 

I’m also hosting a free workshop today sharing 6 Strategies to Launch Your Study Abroad Career. Register here to get the goods:


  • Why I stopped publishing the podcast and what I was doing instead

  • How I lost my love for study abroad and international education

  • What brought me back to the podcast and my love for education abroad

  • What’s coming next for Inside Study Abroad



ISAP #24: Getting Published, Mindset Shifts, and Taking the Helm of a Leading Study Abroad Provider with Kris Holloway, CISabroad


Today on the show I'm talking with Kris Holloway, President of CISabroad. In this episode, Kris and I talk about her circuitous path to international education via the Peace Corps and community health work, plus how Kris parlayed her time in The Gambia to a book deal. 

We also discuss our different perspectives on how women step into leadership roles, imposter syndrome, mentorship in IE, and so much more. This episode is perfect for anyone curious how to step into their power, take on "the big jobs," and move mountains in an organization. 


  • Kris’s international education story

  • How Kris wrote a book about her time in the Peace Corps AND got published

  • Ways to leverage your teach abroad and/or Peace Corps experience to land a job in international education

  • The fastest and best ways to get the best recommendations and references for your job search

  • What it’s like to step into a C-suite position as a woman in the age of #metoo and Trump

  • Why Kris wanted to be vetted like any external candidate for the role of President of CISabroad

  • What you need to be learning and doing now to prepare yourself for senior leadership positions later

  • The power of an abundance mindset and saying yes more than you say now

  • How to differentiate your organization in a crowded market

  • Leaning in and out in your career and life




What's the difference between study abroad participation and study abroad administration?


Today we’re talking about the differences between participating in study abroad and administering study abroad programs. The differences can be pretty stark and obvious but they can also be very nuanced and subtle.

This happens to be one of the biggest roadblocks facing aspiring and emerging study abroad professionals: understanding the real work of study abroad advising. 

You often have a deep passion for your own experiences, you want more people to have a similar type of experience, and you’re ready to share all that advice about packing, where to travel, and maybe even how to make it more affordable, but you lack the depth and nuanced understanding of what goes on behind the curtain of making academic international experiences happen.

I think it’s important that for anyone working in IE and study abroad or wanting to launch a career in this space, to understand the primary differences between participating in international experiences vs administering international experiences.

Because if you don’t understand these differences, it’s going to be very difficult for you to understand the jobs you’re applying for and even harder for you to convince someone that you can do the job.


  • Why you must understand the primary differences between participation and administration in study abroad

  • The 8 primary differences between being a participant and a professional in study abroad

  • How you can gain the practical knowledge of building a study abroad advising system

  • Plus where I'm headed to next on my crazy year-long adventure around the world!